Data Dissemination and Confidentiality


A. REACH, General

In the case of an only representative, what name will appear on the dissemination page: the non-EU company or the only representative?

The table below defines which legal entity will be disseminated on ECHA’s webpage depending on information provided in sections 1.1 and 1.7 of your IUCLID dossier.

Further information can be found in the manual Dissemination and confidentiality under the REACH Regulation.

Are registration numbers assigned to active substances in biocidal products which are considered as registered under REACH?
No, registration numbers are not assigned to active substances in biocidal products. Registration numbers are assigned exclusively for substances:
  • where complete registration dossiers were submitted to ECHA by the registrant according to Article 20 of REACH;
  • which were notified under Directive 67/548/EEC and the registration number was claimed by the notifier according to Article 24 of REACH.
How can I check what information from my registration dossier will be published on the ECHA website?

The IUCLID Dissemination preview plug-in simulates which information from a registration dossier will be made public on the ECHA website, according to Article 119 of the REACH Regulation.

To use the tool, click on the button on the upper corner of your dossier → Dissemination preview. 

How is the total tonnage band calculated for registered substances published on the ECHA website?
The total tonnage band displayed in the registered substances page is aggregated data calculated from all dossiers in a joint/individual submission. Tonnage data is considered only from full registrations where the tonnage band is not claimed confidential. Tonnage data is extracted from the last year reported in section 3.2 of the IUCLID dossier and is the sum of manufactured + imported tonnage - tonnage directly exported – tonnage immediately used as intermediate.
For dossiers that contain full and intermediate registrations, the tonnage data extracted will be the sum of the reported manufactured plus imported tonnage fields, minus the tonnage immediately used as intermediates. Tonnage data will be summed for all dossiers in a joint/individual submission, and will be displayed as:
  • A tonnage band range, i.e., ≥100 000 – <1 000 000 tonnes, if no dossier contains a confidentiality claim on tonnage band;
  • Open tonnage band, i.e., ≥1 000 tonnes, when at least one dossier contains a confidentiality claim on tonnage band;
  • "Tonnage data confidential", when all dossiers aggregated have claimed their tonnage band as confidential, REACH Articles 119(2)(b); and
  • "Intermediate use only", when only intermediate registration dossiers are present in the joint submission. 
B. REACH, Search

How can I check if my supplier has a valid registration?

As you are responsible for using registered substances only, it is your interest to contractually ensure that your supplier guarantees the validity of their registration. Your first option is thus to ask directly your supplier.

If the supplier has not claimed the information as confidential you can search via the registrant name or the registration number from the Registered substances page.


Brief Profile

The full list of public active and inactive registrants/suppliers can be found in the Brief profile.


Fact sheet

The full list of public active and inactive registrants/suppliers/registration numbers can be found in the Fact sheet.

Can I search for the manufacturing process of a substance?

No. ECHA will not disseminate the manufacturing process description reported by registrants in compositions of the type ’legal entity composition of the substance’ in IUCLID section 1.2.  This concerns both the information reported in the field ‘Description’ and any document included as ‘Attached description’.

Lead registrants need to additionally provide generic information on the manufacturing process of the jointly registered UVCB substance in the section 1.2 field ‘Description’ in compositions of the type ‘boundary composition of the substance’. This information will be displayed on the REACH-IT Joint submission page for the members of that joint submission to see.

How do I know whether or not a substance has been registered?

The first place to check is the Registered Substances portal using a valid substance identifier.

A second option is to search via the Advanced Search function from our homepage.

Once you have found the substance you are looking for, you can see the names of registrants by viewing the information on that substance’s REACH Registered Substance Factsheet. The company names appear under “registrants/suppliers” of the Administrative Information section. In some cases, the list may not include your specific supplier, because:

  • your supplier is not the one manufacturing or importing the substance; or
  • the registrant has successfully claimed the name as confidential or
  • the registrant is an importer covered by a representative of the non-EU exporter.
What is the REACH registration status?

You can identify the REACH registration status of a registrant/supplier and of their registration numbers in the Administrative information section of the REACH factsheet.

There are four different statuses on the dissemination page:

  • Active: The registration is valid, and the registrant is legally on the market.
  • Cease manufacture: Inactive registrations after Cease of Manufacture.
  • Annulled but still legally valid: In the case of a merge between two companies having a registration for the same substance, registration containing the higher tonnage band will be maintained as active, whereas the other registration as annulled. The annulled registration is still legally valid and considered as an active registration but is no longer updated.
  • No longer valid: this can be due to the UK withdrawal from the EU, an incorrect declaration of company size, a retrospective completeness check failure or an invalid registration, when a Cease of Manufacture was communicated after the reception of a draft evaluation decision.
How can I download the whole registered substances database?

At the moment, it is only possible to download the whole registered substances database in batches. We suggest you first export the search results for all ‘individual’ submissions. 

Once you have downloaded the relevant file, select ‘joint’ submissions as submission type. 

Use the first published dates to limit the number of entries in a batch. Export the search results for all the registered substances published from 01/11/2008 to 30/11/2016. Export the second batch of registered substances published from 01/12/2016 to today’s date.

C. REACH, Joint submission (2)

I am the Lead Registrant of an intermediate Joint Submission. Why is the Joint Submission disseminated as full?

The Joint Submission is disseminated as intermediate only when all member registrants of the joint submission own an intermediate registration.

If any member registrant updates the registration from intermediate to full, the whole joint submission will be disseminated as full.

When extracting information from a submitted dossier, the dissemination process gives priority to data coming from dossiers registered as full. For this reason, the registration type displayed on the ECHA website is Full and the tonnage band is calculated using only data extracted from full type registrations as explained in Q&A 403

How do I see if members of a JS opted out of an endpoint?

You can see if members of a JS opted out of an endpoint by changing the view on the registered substance factsheet.


I am the new lead registrant of a Joint Submission. Why can I still find information from the previous lead registrant disseminated on the ECHA website?

Although the lead registrant has changed for this substance, the data/test reports submitted by the previous lead registrant are not removed from our website. For transparency reasons, we publish all non-confidential data submitted by industry for a substance.

If at any time you would like any data submitted by the previous lead registrant to be removed from our website, we suggest you to contact the previous lead registrant and negotiate a registration update in order to remove specific data points.

Is it possible to know the identity of the Lead Registrant of a Joint Submission?

ECHA does not reveal the identity of the Lead Registrants. You can find the contact details of the Lead Registrant in the co-registrants page in REACH-IT which you can access for a period of one year after a positive assessment of your inquiry.

For mor information see Q&A0457.