Parallel Trade

Is a parallel trade permit an authorisation for a biocidal product?
A parallel trade permit is not an authorisation for a biocidal product. As clarified under Regulation (EU) No 334/2014 (amending certain provisions of the BPR), a parallel trade permit functions as a derogation to Article 17 of the BPR – the product authorisation requirement. 
According to Article 53 of the BPR, a parallel trade permit allows the holder of the permit to make available on the market and use a biocidal product in a Member State (Member State of introduction), if the biocidal product is authorised in another Member State (Member State of origin) and if the biocidal product is identical to a biocidal product already authorised in the ‘Member State of introduction' (the reference product). 
The competent authority of the Member State of introduction has to examine whether the two biocidal products are identical in accordance with the legislation and may request information from the Member State of origin. 

Please consult "Parallel trade" available at this page.