Biocidal Products Regulation

Data Sharing

What are the data sharing requirements under the BPR?
Under the BPR, new studies involving vertebrate animals can be conducted only as a last resort and, therefore, mandatory data sharing applies.

Prospective applicants, intending to perform new tests on vertebrate animals, have an obligation to find out which tests and studies are already available, by submitting an inquiry through R4BP 3 to ECHA.

Prospective applicants may also inquire about tests and studies not involving tests on vertebrate animals. Accordingly, an inquiry is mandatory when the intention is to perform tests on vertebrate animals and is optional when the intention is to perform tests which do not involve vertebrate animals. An inquiry is also a pre-requisite before a data sharing dispute claim can be submitted to ECHA under Article 63(3) of the BPR (including in cases where the prospective applicant already knows the identity of the data owner).

Once a request for test data (on vertebrate animals or not) has been made to a data owner (or any data submitter that is entitled to negotiate on behalf of the data owner), the parties must make every effort to reach an agreement to ensure that the cost of sharing the information is determined in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way, in accordance with the provisions of Article 63(1) and (4) of the BPR. ECHA will provide the inquirer with the contact details of all previous data submitters, when tests or studies were already submitted to the competent authorities or ECHA in connection with an application under the former Directive 98/8/EC or the BPR. Where applicable, the data submitters are required to facilitate the contacts between prospective applicants and data owners.

Please consult the ECHA website on inquiry, available at: http://www.echa.europa.eu/ regulations/biocidal-products-regulation/data-sharing/inquiry and at:

The data sharing obligation also applies to the inclusion in the list of relevant substances and suppliers under Article 95 of the BPR. Note that mandatory data sharing for the purpose of Article 95 extends to all toxicological, eco-toxicological and environmental fate and behaviour studies relating to substances listed in Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007, including any such studies not involving tests on vertebrate animals.

Please consult the ECHA website on data sharing (and the related documents), available at:
How to get contact details of the substance/product supplier under Article 95 to ask for the LoA?

The provisional list of active substances suppliers contains the name of the company/companies that submitted the data. You may wish to contact them and to ask for a LoA: http://echa.europa.eu/information-on-chemicals/active-substance-suppliers

A prospective applicant can also turn directly to ECHA to get contact details to the data submitter(s) of an active substance or a biocidal product by making an inquiry as described below.

Any person intending to perform tests or studies (or asking for a LoA), for the purposes of an application under the BPR, is required to first inquire with ECHA whether such tests or studies have already been submitted to a competent authority under the BPR or Directive 98/8/EC (the previous legislation).

Such an inquiry is optional in case of tests not on vertebrates.

If such tests or studies have been submitted, ECHA will provide the prospective applicant with the contact details of the data submitter. In cases where the data submitter is not entitled to negotiate access to the data, they are required to facilitate the contact between the prospective applicant and the actual data owner.

Where such an inquiry is made, and the studies have been submitted under either the BPR or Directive 98/8/EC, data sharing obligations apply.

Such an inquiry must be submitted to ECHA through R4BP3.

After the inquiry has been assessed, the requester will be informed if such tests or studies have been submitted. ECHA will give the contact details of the data submitter to the applicant, and at the same time communicate the inquirer's contact details to the data submitter.This information will be retrieved from dossiers submitted under the BPD and the BPR. ECHA will not provide information on individual tests or studies.

Please note: Having submitted an inquiry is the pre-requisite before lodging a data sharing dispute claim with ECHA, including in situations where the prospective applicant already knew the data owner(s) or where negotiations had already started before the entry in force of the BPR.