Which web browsers are supported by REACH-IT?

REACH-IT has been tested with:

  • Google Chrome 48.0 and higher on a Microsoft Windows platform
  • Internet Explorer 11.0 and higher on a Microsoft Windows platform
  • Mozilla Firefox 44.0 and higher on a Microsoft Windows platform

The use of untested browsers may reduce REACH-IT functionalities and cause application errors in REACH-IT. Using an older version of the browsers, or different software platform, may cause incompatibility issues with REACH-IT functionalities. Therefore, users are advised to upgrade their internet browser as mentioned above.

Can I create a REACH-IT account for learning purposes and remove it afterwards?

No, REACH-IT does not allow, under any circumstances, the creation of accounts for the purpose of testing. The data entered into REACH-IT is binding and may trigger regulatory obligations and cannot be modified or deleted. Testing data may alter the correct functioning of the system, impact statistics and priorities, and cause harm to other registrants and notifiers who submit genuine data.

How do I sign up in REACH-IT if my company has different roles and/or acts as an only representative?

If you are an only representative (OR) who represents more than one non-EU/EEA manufacturer, you will have to register separately for each non-EU/EEA manufacturer you represent. It is not possible to have one common account in REACH-IT used by multiple legal entities. However, it is possible to use same company information (e.g. name, VAT, address, etc.). You may consider adding a numerical or other identifier to your company name when signing up in REACH-IT, to facilitate the management of different legal entity accounts.

A user with the "Legal entity manager role" can use a "Foreign user" to access multiple legal entities. More information on how to do this can be found in chapter 6.7 of the ECHA Account manual.

Note that in the "Company Size" information, you must indicate the size of the non-EU/EEA manufacturer you are representing and not the size of your own legal entity. ORs can provide different contact details for each account.

If you made a mistake when indicating the company size of your company (or the one you represent as an OR) in REACH-IT when submitting a registration dossier or after a registration number is provided to you, refer to the page related to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on ECHA website to find out more about how to correct this mistake.


What format of attachments does REACH-IT and IUCLID support?

REACH-IT and IUCLID support the following file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt, tiff, mol, png and gif.

If you attach a file, which is unsupported by REACH-IT or IUCLID, you could be contacted by the Agency with a request to update your submission.
How can I cease/restart manufacture or import?

You should use the functionality ‘cease manufacture or import’ when a substance is no longer manufactured/imported by following the steps below. The reference number will become inactive and marked in red.

You should use the functionality ‘restart manufacture or import’ to reactivate the reference number, when a substance is manufactured/imported again.

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