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R4BP 3

Migration to R4BP 3

Where can I find my remaining data from R4BP2?

Since 3 December 2014, all data for on-going applications and authorisations from R4BP2 have been migrated to R4BP 3. You need to access R4BP 3 to search for this information: search for assets if you are looking for authorisations, search for cases if you are looking for on-going applications.

If you cannot find a case or an asset corresponding to one of your ongoing applications or authorisations in R4BP that have been recorded in R4BP2, you need to send a request for each of the cases or assets to the competent authority responsible for this case or asset; When doing so, please include the following files:

  • Ongoing application (case): use the template file "case correction". Include the applicant LE UUID, authorisation holder LE UUID and application number in R4BP2.
  • Existing authorisation (asset): use the template file "asset correction". Include the authorisation number in R4BP2 and the LE UUID of the authorisation holder.

The LE UUID can be found in the legal entity details of an ECHA account. Further information can be found in the ECHA Accounts manual.

The responsible competent authority will assess your request. If they confirm your ownership of the case or asset, they will request ECHA to transfer your data to the R4BP 3 account corresponding to the LE UUID you have provided.

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