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ECHA Accounts

Known issues

Known issue 1: I do not navigate away from a webpage when I click on a button or a blank page is displayed when I select a tab, why?

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may experience this problem due to the compatibility view of your browser. To amend this issue, click on the compatibility view button. You may alternatively decide to use a different web browser i.e. Firefox.

Browser compatibily issue

Known issue 2: I receive the message "please refresh your browser to restart the application". How should I continue?

This error message may be received if you have not logged out from ECHA Accounts after a long time or you follow an unexpected workflow. To solve this issue, click on the "Back" button of your web browser or refresh the page. If the problem persists, close the browser session and access again.

Known issue 3: I navigate from ePIC to ECHA Accounts and I receive the message "the identity provider could not process the authentication request". How can I continue?
To solve this issue, you will need to:
  • click on the "Back" button of your web browser;
  • select the link in the web browser and press enter; and
  • select "account, users and parties".

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