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Biocidal Products Regulation

BPR General

Is a safety data sheet required for active substances and biocidal products according to the BPR?
The requirement to prepare a safety data sheet (SDS) for substances and mixtures according to Article 31 of the REACH Regulation applies for active substances and biocidal products. This is confirmed by Article 70 of the BPR. 
Note that an exposure scenario to be attached to the SDS would not be required for substances considered as registered, i.e. active substances which are included in the Union list of approved active substances (which includes those active substances included in Annex I to Directive 98/8/EC) or are under evaluation in the Review Programme (Regulation (EC) No 1451/2007) to the extent they are manufactured or imported for use in biocidal products only (see Article 15(2) of the REACH Regulation). For such substances no chemical safety report (CSR) is required according to REACH Article 14 and therefore an exposure scenario would not be required to be attached to the SDS.
Active substances which are not manufactured or imported only for use in biocidal products may require registration under the REACH Regulation. Where a CSR would be required according to Article 14 of REACH, an exposure scenario for all identified uses not covered by Article 15 (REACH) would be required to be attached in the SDS.

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