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Invoicing and Payments

REACH payments

When should I provide ECHA with a payment advice?
A payment advice can either be an extract from your accounts payable department attached to your email message in PDF format or simply a list of the invoice numbers paid, their total amount and the payment date in the email message itself.
A payment advice must be sent in the following cases:
- your payment reference (invoice) number was incorrect;
- in the case of a multiple invoice payment where each invoice number is not mentioned in the bank payment message;
- by request of ECHA's accounting department.
If you have indicated the reference (invoice) number in your payment message and it is correct, ECHA does not need any separate payment advice.
A payment advice should be sent to the email address of ECHA's accounting department which is: payments@echa.europa.eu.
Please indicate 'Payment advice and the payment date' in the subject field. Example: "Payment advice 19 March 2016".
No payment advice by conventional mail is required unless ECHA exceptionally requests it.

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