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Invoicing and Payments

REACH payments

How do I pay ECHA's invoice?

Bank transfer is the only accepted payment method. Other types of payment, such as cheque, banker's draft or cash, are not accepted by ECHA.

Payments should be executed in Euros only and it must be ensured that the full amount of the invoice is received by ECHA. Deductions of bank charges, from exchange rate differences or of any other costs will lead to an underpayment of the invoice.

The following bank details are indicated on all invoices issued under the REACH Regulation as from 01.07.2019:

Bank: 		ING Belgium, Avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

IBAN: 		BE93 3631 8789 1767


Please note that separate instructions for the payment of Appeal Fees exist. These are explained in the relevant section of the Board of Appeal on ECHA's webpage.

In the payment instruction, the invoice number should be indicated as the reference number. According to Article 17(1) of the REACH Fee Regulation (EU) No340/2008, in its latest version (see Q&A 716), every payment must indicate the invoice number. Thus, in the free text message/communications or reference field of the payment you should indicate only the payment reference indicated on the invoice. It is comprised of eight digits and you will find it next to ECHA's bank details on the invoice. This is very important, as your payment is automatically processed by REACH-IT. Please instruct your accounts payable/payments department and your bank accordingly.

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