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NONS-Registrants of Previously Notified Substances

How do I verify the information recorded in REACH-IT for my notification

In a handful of cases, the New Chemicals Database (NCD) has not been adequately updated to reflect the current details for some notifications, in particular, for tonnage bands. As a result, this information may appear incorrectly in REACH-IT and the system may be unable to correctly accept a potential update of the registration dossier.

It is extremely important and very easy to check that the tonnage band of your notification is correctly indicated in REACH-IT before you submit any update of your registration dossier to ECHA to avoid potential delays in the submission process as a result of a business rules failure.

To confirm that the correct tonnage is indicated in REACH-IT:

  • Log in to REACH-IT >> Menu >> Search>>Reference numbers >> Search reference number using the criteria displayed Click on the Reference number link >> Tonnage band info is displayed under "Dossier type".

There are several tonnage bands mentioned in REACH-IT because under the REACH Regulation there are three possible registration types: standard registration, transported isolated intermediate (TII), and on-site isolated intermediate (OSII). Under Directive 67/548/EEC there was no such specific distinction and only one type of standard notification was required. All NONS notifications are initially regarded as standard registrations in REACH-IT. Therefore, your notified substance will initially not include any tonnage for isolated intermediates.

In the ‘Reference number' page you will also find under "Payment information" the tonnage band information which will be taken into account for invoicing purposes ( i.e. "Maximum tonnage band" and "Maximum transported isolated intermediate")

Paymrnt Information

Initially, here you will see the same tonnage bands indicated for the standard registration as for the transported isolated intermediate (TII). This is to ensure that ECHA does not charge fees for tonnage band updates in cases where this would not be legitimate.

In case you submit an update of your registration for a tonnage band that is different to what is reported in REACH-IT, you should select in your dossier header that the reason for the update is a change of tonnage band.

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