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Compliance checks

How are dossiers selected for compliance check?
ECHA and the Member States first identify substances and their dossiers using an IT-based screening, and then carry out further checks by a manual screening. The main criteria for selecting a dossier for compliance check are:
  • high tonnages;
  • suspected data gaps in the higher-tier human health or environment information requirements;
  • high potential for exposure of humans or environment (e.g. widespread uses or uncertain information on uses).
A detailed description of what is considered as high potential for exposure is available in the screening definition document.
Furthermore in accordance with Action 2 from the REACH joint action plan (June 2019), ECHA will assign all substances > 100tpa to 3 possible pools, depending on whether they are i) of priority for regulatory risk management, ii) currently of low priority for further regulatory action, or iii) need more data for a judgement to be made. Substances in pool iii) are candidates for further compliance check and/or substance evaluation. 
More information is available in the REACH Evaluation Joint Action Plan and in the related News Release.

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