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e) Preparing for authorisation application

How can I have access to the Lead Registrant's Chemical Safety Report (CSR) data if he is not taking part in the application for authorisation? What can I do if the data owner refuses to give me access to its data? Can I use the information available on ECHA's dissemination website?

A CSR has to be submitted as part of the application. This CSR can be (i) the applicant's own CSR for authorisation, or (ii) a reference to CSR submitted by the same applicant for registration, or (iii) a reference to CSR of a previous applicant (case of subsequent applications for authorisation). If the applicant for authorisation is a Downstream User (i.e. not a registrant) and he generates his own CSR for the authorisation, this CSR can be based on updated information from the registrant's CSR as long as he has the right to use the information from the respective data owners.

However, data sharing obligations as specified under Art 30 of REACH do not apply for authorisation. The reproduction or further distribution of information from Registration Dossiers and Notifications to the C&L Inventory which are published on ECHA's dissemination website may be subject to copyright protection. Furthermore, the use of the information without obtaining the permission from the owner(s) of the respective information might violate the rights of the owner. The Agency does not take responsibility for any copyright or other infringements that may be caused by using the information.

Potential applicants are reminded that they shall ensure that they have adequate rights to submit this information to the Agency and acknowledge that this information can be used for the purpose of the application for authorisation.

See also question 916

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