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c) Format and content of authorisation

Is a joint application easier to submit and manage than separate applications?

Due to the possible complexity and technical issues of joint applications, ECHA recommends to prepare and submit a joint application when (i) all co-applicants of the group apply for all uses in the joint application, and (ii) the co-applicants have agreed on a way to share all the information provided in the application.

In complex cases, it may be preferable for each applicant to submit their own application separately. The applicants can cooperate during the preparation of their applications. For details, see the manual ‘How to prepare an application for authorisation manual’.https://echa.europa.eu/manuals, Application for Authorisation Guidance (Appendix 2) and the presentations "Description of uses for authorisation / Broad Information on Uses" and "Joint versus Individual applications" for additional information.

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