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c) Format and content of authorisation

How can I provide in my application a "complete" and a "public" version of sections 9 ("Exposure assessment") and 10 ("Risk characterisation") of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) covering the uses applied for?

Include the complete versions of sections 9 and 10 in your Chemical Safety Report (CSR) and attach the CSR to section 13 of IUCLID (naming it for instance "CSR.pdf").

Attach a public version of sections 9 and 10 naming it clearly (e.g. "Public_version_of_CSR sec9-10.pdf") and attach it as a separate document in section 13 of IUCLID.

If all the information contained in sections 9 and 10 can be made public, then these two sections will be published as they are provided in the CSR.

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