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c) Format and content of authorisation

What is meant by the "Broad Information on Uses" package and what does it contain?

The Broad Information on Uses (BIU) of the Annex XIV substance refers to a "brief wording" containing:

- information based on the name of the use applied for,
- the use descriptors and function, and
- key information on the conditions of use.

In addition, the BIU contains the following documents:

- the public version of the Analysis of alternatives,
- the public version of the Substitution Plan, if provided in the application,
- the public version of the Socio Economic Analysis, if provided in the application, and
- the public version of sections 9 ("Exposure assessment") and 10 ("Risk characterisation") of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) covering the use applied for.

For further details and example, see: http://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/13555/public_information_afa_en.pdf

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