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May pre-registered substances that are manufactured or imported before the relevant registration deadline be placed on the market after this deadline without a registration?

REACH imposes registration obligations only on manufacturers or importers (and, in specific cases, on producers or importers of articles). The registration obligation does not apply to downstream users or distributors. Therefore, the registration obligation does not apply to you if you have:

  • manufactured or imported pre-registered substances before the registration deadline; and
  • completely ceased such activities and only used the substances and/or supplied them after that.

For example, importers for whom the last batch of the substance was imported on 31 May 2018, at the latest, may continue to use and/or supply that substance after the deadline without a registration, without time-limitation. Since the pre-registered substance has not been registered, there is no obligation to notify ECHA of the cessation of manufacture/import. Article 50(2) and (3) of the REACH Regulation does not apply to this situation.

If you have not ceased your activities before the registration deadline, you have an obligation to register the substance according to Article 6 of REACH.

If you are a downstream user (or any other actor down the supply chain) who is not subject to the registration obligation, you can continue to use, without time-limitation, and/or supply quantities of the substance that were manufactured or imported before the registration deadline.

For the obligations of a downstream user or distributor and whether they are obliged to check the registration status of the substances on their own or in a mixture, please see Q&A 155

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