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Legal entity

B. Legal entity change

What is the outcome of a legal entity change?

The legal successor should observe the following when a legal entity change is validated in REACH-IT:

Transferred items (i.e. registrations/notifications)

If a registration/notification for a substance is transferred from the legal initiator to the legal successor, who already has a valid registration/notification for the same substance, the status of the transferred registration/notification will be marked ‘Annulled’, because a legal entity can only have one registration for the same substance.

Tonnage band update

For transferred registrations when the originating legal entity has registered the same substance as the legal successor and the tonnage of the originating legal entity is higher than the registered substance of the legal successor, the system will keep track of the legal successor's right to a higher tonnage band. The legal successor will still need to submit a spontaneous update to indicate the higher tonnage band. For transferred pre-registrations, the tonnage band will not be updated when a legal entity change is completed for the same pre-registered substance. In this case, the legal successor will have to modify the pre-registration as explained in Q&A 345.

Joint Submission

Transfer of joint submission roles linked to Registrations: Where the initiating legal entity has submitted registrations as part of a joint submission, the joint submission role (e.g. Member or Lead registrant) are transferred together with the registrations to the legal successor.

If no registrations were submitted, the roles are not transferred. The legal successor need to confirm their membership to the joint submission. 

Transfer of joint submission roles linked to Pre-registrations: Where the initiating legal entity has confirmed membership to a joint submission based on his pre-registration, the joint submission role (e.g. Member or Lead registrant) is not transferred together with the pre-registration.


When a legal successor enters the pre-SIEF contact details during the validation of a legal entity change, these details will be updated in the pre-SIEF of all the pre-registrations of that legal successor. The pre-SIEF contact details will however need to be updated if you wish to add additional contact persons in the transferred pre-registrations once the transfer is complete. Pre-SIEF contact details will not be updated if you already have a successful registration for a pre-registration with the same substance identification.


The Agency will issue an invoice for the legal entity change pursuant to Commission Regulation (EC) No 340/2008 Article 5 (Fee regulation) if the item list contains one or more payable items.

  • Items that trigger a fee during a legal entity change are: Registrations, Registration of on-site isolated intermediate, Registration of transported isolated intermediate.
  • Items that do not trigger a fee during a legal entity change are: Pre-registrations, Product and Process Oriented Research and Development (PPORD) notifications, Classification and Labelling (C&L) notifications, Inquiry notifications.

Where an invoice is needed (i.e. the legal entity change includes at least one payable item), only one invoice will be issued per legal entity change.

Invoices are issued to the legal successor. The company size of the legal successor after the change of legal personality will determine the fee. Pursuant to Commission Regulation (EC) No 340/2008 Annex III Table 3, a reduced fee will be invoiced to SMEs.

Only once the invoice is paid in full, will the transfer of items take place and the legal entity change be completed in REACH-IT. If the invoice is not paid within the extended due date the legal entity change is deleted from the system and items will not be transferred.

Information about the fee regulation can be found at http://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/legislation.

Practical information on how to report changes in identity under REACH and CLP can be found in How to report changes in identity under

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