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Joint submission of data by multiple registrants

C. Joint submission management, lead registrant

How can I transfer the lead registrant role in REACH-IT to another member of the joint submission?

If the current lead registrant does not want to continue in their role as lead, it is up to the SIEF members to choose a new member, who will take over the lead role. In order to transfer the role, the following shall be observed:

  • The current and the future lead registrant need to agree on the handover. Then, the following actions must be performed within the Joint Submission in REACH-IT:
    • The current lead registrant will need to assign the lead role to the future lead registrant using the ‘Assign New Lead’ button. The future lead registrant, should already be a member of the joint submission.

      assign new lead

    • Then, the future lead registrant should accept the assignment by clicking ‘Confirm Lead’ button and subsequently become the lead registrant in the Joint Submission.

      assign new lead

  • The new lead registrant needs to submit a lead dossier containing all the information to be provided on behalf of the joint submission. If the new lead registrant has previously submitted a registration dossier for this substance, the lead dossier should be submitted as a spontaneous update.
The initial lead registrant is still technically considered as the lead registrant of the joint submission until all above mentioned technical steps are carried out.

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