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How do I delete/deactivate my pre-registration?

A pre-registration cannot be deleted, but it can be deactivated in REACH-IT. To deactivate the pre-registration look for your substance in the pre-SIEF section of REACH-IT and use the ‘Deactivate’ functionality.

The Status column that describes the status of your participation in the pre-SIEF will turn to ‘Inactive’. You can reactivate you pre-registration at any time by using the ‘Activate ’ functionality. If you update your pre-registration while the status is inactive, the system will automatically reactivate your pre-registration.

The deactivation of a preregistration signals to other pre-SIEF members, that you are not interested in an active participation in the SIEF discussion. Note, however, that even as a non-active participant to the pre-SIEF you may still be asked to share data in the SIEF.

Note also, that the pre-registration and potential future registration of your substance are not affected by the deactivation from the pre-SIEF forum. You can benefit from the extended registration deadline if you have a valid preregistration, irrespective of its status (active or inactive).

The ‘Deactivate’ button is disabled if a third party representative was appointed for a particular pre-registration. In this case, the deactivation can only be performed by the third party representative and not by the potential registrant.

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