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Annex VI to CLP

What should you do where you have to use a harmonised classification which is marked as minimum classification in Table 3.1 of Annex VI to CLP?

In order to take full account of the work and experience accumulated under DSD, all previously harmonised DSD substance classifications were translated into harmonised CLP classifications. For substances with harmonised classifications for the hazard classes acute toxicity and STOT (repeated exposure), minimum classifications were assigned. These minimum classifications take account of the fact that the exact translation of the DSD criteria into the CLP criteria was not possible, based on the lack of available data.


Manufacturers or importers must apply at least this minimum classification (marked with an asterisk), but must classify in a more severe hazard category when they have further information, e.g. in the form of an LD50 value, which shows that a more severe category is more appropriate. 

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