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Notification-Classification and Labelling Inventory

How should a group of manufacturers/importers for the purpose of notification to the Classification and Labelling Inventory be set up?

ECHA's REACH-IT system will offer the possibility of creating a group of manufacturers or importers (hereinafter referred to as "M/I Group"), in accordance with CLP Article 40(1). The concept "Group of MI" is not further defined in the CLP. Such a group can, for example, be a corporate company with different legal entities or a SIEF. It is nevertheless important that the members of an M/I Group are all manufacturers or Importers.

When an M/I Group notification is submitted in REACH-IT, the identity of each member should be specified in the notification by indicating the name of the M/I Group at the time of dossier submission. If the membership of the M/I Group is updated by adding a new member, then the new member will automatically be considered as having submitted the notification(s). It is noted that updating a notification made by an M/I Group is possible only by the group leader who has carried out the M/I Group notification. The group leader shall be careful to indicate the name of the M/I Group every time he is updating the notification (otherwise the updated notification will be considered as having been made on behalf of the group leader only).

It is stressed that if the group leader who has carried out the M/I Group notification submits a registration dossier for the same substance, the group is removed from the notification and the other group members are obliged to notify again. For this purpose, one of the M/I Group members has to create an ECHA account in order to become the new group leader. The original group leader can make a legal entity transfer of the notification to another member of the group before or after he submits his registration. A legal entity transfer warrants that the group notification is retained in the REACH-IT.

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