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Scope and exemptions under CLP

Should companies notify substances used in the early stages of scientific research & development (R&D) to the C&L inventory?

Quantities of substances used in R&D are by definition smaller than 1 tonne per year and are therefore not subject to registration under the REACH Regulation. If the substance used in R&D is hazardous and placed on the EU market, it, however, needs to be notified to the C&L inventory notwithstanding its volume.

According to Article 5(1) of the CLP Regulation, manufacturers, importers and downstream users shall identify the relevant information for the purpose of determining whether the substance entails a physical, health or environmental hazard.

If neither test data are available nor any other adequate information indicates that a substance should be classified, a notification to the C&L Inventory is not required. If sufficient information is available to classify, and the substance is placed on the market, and hence when the notification to the C&L Inventory is necessary, the IUPAC name of substances used in R&D can be kept confidential as set out in the Practical Guide No 7: How to notify substances in the Classification and Labelling Inventory (see also Q&A 226, 227, 228). If further information becomes available that leads to a change of the classification, the C&L notification has to be updated (see also Q&A 224).

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