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Follow up to dossier evaluation decisions

Who is responsible for generating the requested data and submitting the information to ECHA?

All recipients of the same decision are collectively responsible for fulfilling the requests in the decision that are relevant to their registered tonnage band.

After you receive the adopted decision, you need to agree collectively on who of the recipients is going to perform the requested studies. This is independent from the fact that the lead registrant is the one who submits the information “acting with the agreement of the other assenting registrants” (Article 11(1) of REACH).

The recipients of the decision are expected to agree on the testing to be performed as per their data (and cost) sharing obligations. You also need to agree on the material to be tested for each study requested, ensuring that it produces appropriate information and is representative of the registered substance as manufactured by all members of the joint submission.

You are also collectively responsible for the submission of the requested information by the (lead) registrant appointed to do so, on behalf of the other registrants of the joint submission.

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