Compliance checks

How do I know, if any of my registrations is undergoing a compliance check?

ECHA informs active registrants via REACH-IT, when a compliance check for a substances in their portfolio is launched. This notification is a reminder of the legal obligation to keep the registration dossiers up-to-date, which is particularly important when a compliance check is initiated.

The active registrants receive a generic message to their REACH-IT account without specifying the substance. In order to identify the substance concerned, the registrant is advised to check the substances under assessment on the Dossier Evaluation status webpage using the filter below.

Filter for evaluation status

Please note that even if your substances appears under assessment, you may not necessary receive a draft decision, since it is send only to registrants that are concerned by the data gaps identified or it may be registrant specific, if it concerns substance identity information or endpoints that a registrant has opted out. 

Even if you do not receive a draft decision, you can continue to follow the progress of the substance through the Dossier Evaluation status webpage.