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Compliance checks

How do I know whether ECHA has started to assess my substance or my dossier?
ECHA does not inform you of the start of a compliance check on your dossier. However, you can find out whether ECHA has initiated a compliance check for a particular substance by regularly monitoring ECHA’s ‘Dossier evaluation status’ page (see Q&A 0650), and subsequently follow the progress through the evaluation process. You will also be able to see when ECHA has initiated the evaluation of your testing proposal.
Search your substance on the Dossier evaluation status page:
  • By using the filtering options, you can find out whether ECHA has started its assessment of a given dossier:
  • these are marked as ‘Under assessment’ in the ‘Status’ column,
  • the start date is displayed in the ‘Latest update’ column.
  • Once the dossier moves forward to the next stage in the process, the date in the ‘Latest update’ column changes. You can therefore also follow the progress. You should check the dossier evaluation status page regularly if you want to be up to date with the evaluation process.
Search your substance using the Search for Chemicals/ Infocard page:
If you find a ‘Dossier evaluation status’ entry under the header ‘REACH’, then a dossier evaluation process has been initiated. By clicking on this entry, you can see the number and the stage of the evaluation process(es) for your substance.
To learn more about other regulatory activities under REACH and CLP, you can also consult the Public activities coordination tool (PACT).

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