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Joint submission of data by multiple registrants

D. Joint submission management, member registrant

My lead registrant is no longer active, because it ceased manufacture, the company was closed, or its registration was revoked. What should I do?

You should appoint a new lead registrant together with the other registrants of the substance as soon as possible. Of course, you can offer to become the lead registrant.

A lead registrant is a legal requirement under Article 11 REACH. Moreover, there are important practical reasons why you should have a lead registrant. As such, you have an own interest in ensuring that there is a lead registrant to your registration.

For example, a lead registrant is needed to give potential registrants access to the joint submission and to confirm that they may refer to the information in the lead dossier. A lead registrant is also a natural first contact point for data sharing negotiations, and thus facilitates all registrants’ compliance with their data sharing obligations.  In addition, a lead registrant is needed to update the information that was jointly submitted for a substance. Without a lead registrant, each registrant must update its registration individually with new information about the substance.

After the lead registrant has disappeared, the remaining registrants need to discuss among each other to appoint a new lead registrant as soon as possible. Once you have agreed on a new lead registrant, you should contact ECHA via the contact form, and request the transfer of the lead registrant role.

If you know that your lead registrant for a substance will disappear, you and the other registrants are encouraged to appoint a new lead registrant before the disappearance. Like that you ensure that there is no time without a lead registrant. This is easier to do in practice, because the old lead registrant can hand over the lead registrant role within REACH-IT. Q&A 0380 explains what to do step-by-step.

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