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The UKs withdrawal from the EU


My company is a manufacturer of a substance, located outside the EU/EEA. We place the substance on the EU/EEA market through a UK(Great Britain)-based importer. What do we need to do after the end of the transition period?
If your substance has been registered by the UK(Great Britain)-based importer, its registration will no longer be valid after the end of the transition period. This means that the imported substance will need to be registered by an EU/EEA-based legal entity:
  • You can appoint an Only Representative located within the EU/EEA to carry out the required registration of the imported substance.
  • The substance can also be registered directly by its EU/EEA-based importer(s).
In Northern Ireland, REACH continues to apply after the transition period. This means, inter alia, that registrants can continue to be based in Northern Ireland. Please refer to Q&A 1700 for further details.

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