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b) Scope

Does the exemption for the use of Annex XIV substances in scientific research and development (SRD) under Article 56(3) of REACH also apply to analytical activities using in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices (as defined in Directive 98/79/EC) at a laboratory scale?

Yes. The use of an Annex XIV substance when it is required, on its own or in a mixture, as part of an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) method (e.g. in a reagent, calibrator, control material or kit) is considered as scientific research and development and is therefore exempted from authorisation requirements if this activity is carried out under controlled conditions and in a volume not exceeding one tonne per year per legal entity (see Q&A 585). 

Annex XIV substances may be required to provide a range of functions during IVD analysis, including: to remove impurities, to prevent undesired reactions that would lead to false positive results, to stabilise or solubilise proteins during analysis, to inactivate viruses prior to analysis.

The exemption covers also IVD medical devices for veterinary and animal health purposes.




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