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a) General / Procedure

I am a downstream user of an Annex XIV substance and the European Commission has decided to grant an authorisation for my use to a company up my supply chain. Do I have to notify my use to ECHA?

Yes. If you rely on an authorisation granted to an actor up your supply chain, you must notify your authorised use to ECHA. You must submit your notification within three months from the first delivery of the substance following issuing of the authorisation decision. Your notification needs to refer to the relevant authorisation number(s). Authorisation numbers are indicated on the label of the product and the safety data sheet you receive from your supplier. As they are use-specific, you need to select the specific authorisation number(s) which correspond to your use. Authorisation numbers have the format 'REACH/x/x/x' (see also Q&A 750).

Naturally, you need to comply with the conditions of the authorisation, which should be communicated to you by your supplier in the safety data sheet.

For further information on the downstream user notification for authorised uses (Article 66 of REACH), see: 




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