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A. Registration, general

How do I communicate that I ceased manufacture/import?

You can cease manufacture due to the following scenarios:

  • You ceased manufacture/import due to commercial reasons according to Article 50(2) of the REACH Regulation. The registered volume in your registration is updated to zero and the status of your registration is changed to "inactive". If you restart manufacture/import of the substance, you should inform ECHA via the 'Restart manufacture or import' button available on the reference number page in REACH-IT.
  • You ceased manufacture following a draft decision according to Article 50(3) of the REACH Regulation. The status of your registration will be changed to "Revoked". A new registration must be submitted if you wish to restart manufacturing/importing your substance.

Before ceasing manufacture, we recommend that you read Q&A 0054 that explains the duties of registrants that cease manufacture and import.

Below are the steps on how to cease/restart manufacture in REACH-IT.


You should use the functionality ‘restart manufacture or import’ to reactivate the reference number, when a substance is manufactured/imported again.

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