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Substance Identification

D. How to report the manufacturing process description for a UVCB substance

I consider that part of the information expected to be reported on the manufacturing process description according to Q&A 1199 (e.g. ratio of reactants, purification steps, isolation) are not necessary for the identification of my UVCB substance because it is identified and named based on the exact identity of its constituents only. How should I report this in IUCLID?

You need to provide all the relevant information on the manufacturing process in IUCLID section 1.2 as instructed in the Q&A 1199. If you consider that some of the information is not relevant, you need to clearly explain why this information is not included in the same field where the manufacturing process description is provided (i.e. in the ‘Description’ field of IUCLID Section 1.2).

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