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Joint submission of data by multiple registrants

C. Joint submission management, lead registrant

How can the lead registrant decrease the Joint Submission’s tonnage band?

Step 1

Before decreasing the Joint Submission tonnage band, the Lead Registrant needs to make sure that all members of the Joint Submission, except for the Lead himself, have the tonnage band equal or below the decreased (new) JS’s tonnage band. Members can update their own tonnage band by submitting a spontaneous update.

The tonnage band of Intermediate registrations do not affect the tonnage band of the full joint submission, therefore, a member with an intermediate registration can have a higher tonnage band than the decreased Joint Submission.

Step 2

The Lead Registrant has to contact ECHA via the contact form and request that ECHA performs the decrease of the Joint Submission tonnage band.

If a consultant is representing the Lead Registrant, a signed request by the Lead Registrant needs to be submitted.

Step 3

After ECHA has decreased the Joint Submission tonnage band, the Lead Registrant has to submit a spontaneous update using the same submission type (IUCLID template) that was used for the last successful submission, but at a decreased tonnage band.

In the same update, the Lead Registrant has to update its own registration’s tonnage band (administrative information) to be equal or lower than the decreased tonnage band.

Mark the dossier as an update, add the last successful submission number and chose ‘change of tonnage band’ from the drop-down menu as justification for the spontaneous update.

Please note: If a final decision from ECHA was sent to the Joint Submission members, they will need to comply with such decision even after the tonnage band decrease.

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