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h) Changes of legal entity

What will ECHA and the European Commission do and by when, following a notification of a change of legal entity regarding i) a pending application or ii) authorisation decision?

If the change concerns a pending application for authorisation, ECHA will communicate whether the notified change corresponds to the requirements described in Q&A 1241 and is properly documented. Furthermore, it will give its view on whether the change is minor (i.e. purely administrative changes and changes that would not have material implications on the content of the application or the terms of the RAC and SEAC opinions) or major (i.e. all other cases). ECHA endeavours to process notifications in two weeks. If the change is confirmed, ECHA will provide to the original legal entity a token. The original legal entity will need to communicate the token to the successor legal entity, who will need to accept the legal entity change in REACH-IT. The change is considered valid as of the date of the notification.

In this case ECHA will amend its database concerning the change of the legal entity. If the change is major, the RAC and the SEAC might need additional time to assess the implications of the change during the opinion-making process. If ECHA has already adopted an opinion, it will send its assessment to the European Commission so that it can take this into account when deciding on the authorisation.

In cases concerning granted authorisations, ECHA will send its assessment on the nature of the change to the European Commission, including its assessment on whether a review of the authorisation should be triggered on the basis of Article 61(2) of REACH.

The timelines for the assessment about any implications for the RAC and SEAC opinions or for the authorisation decision (potential trigger of a review of the authorisation) depend on the stage in the process at which the notification was made.

ECHA or the Commission may request for clarifications or additional information concerning your notification.


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