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h) Changes of legal entity

How can I notify a change of legal personality regarding an application or an authorisation?

Please follow the next steps:

  • If relevant, create a new REACH-IT account for the successor legal entity. This is relevant when the new legal entity did not have a REACH-IT account before.
  • Log into the REACH-IT account of the original legal entity and from the Menu select Manage company | Legal entity change | Initiate a legal entity change. Then follow the online instructions. For the submission, include two attachments:
  1. Evidence of change, for instance the merger agreement or the agreement of the sale of assets.
  2. Filled announcement using the format indicated below. This describes the change of legal entity and the concerned application(s) or authorisation(s), as well as provides an analysis of the key impacts. It needs to be signed by both the original and the successor legal entity.

See also Q&A 1247.
Remember, that if the original entity has other REACH assets (e.g. registrations), the change of legal entity may need to be notified, too, via the same functionality in REACH-IT. See ECHA’s Practical Guide and technical instructions provided in the REACH-IT tool.


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