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Joint submission

List of lead registrants

What is the List of lead registrants?

When creating a Joint Submission the lead registrant can accept to publish their contact details.

ECHA publishes the contact details of these lead registrants on the List of lead registrants. The list includes the substance identity, registration type and creation date and whether or not the lead dossier has been submitted.

The lists is available both in pdf and excel and can be found at:


Why are some Lead names on the List of lead registrants marked as ‘Available in REACH-IT’?

When creating a Joint Submission the lead registrant can refuse to publish their contact details.
contact details
In this case, the contact details of the lead registrant will not be publicly available on the List of lead registrants and the entry will be marked ‘Available in REACH-IT’’.

This means that only companies, that have registered, pre-registered or inquired about this substance will be able to find the contact details in REACH-IT. (See Q&A 1220).


Why is my substance not listed in the List of lead registrants?

There may be several reasons, why a substance has not been included to the List of lead registrants:

  • The substance is still in the pre-SIEF stage and no lead registrant has been appointed.
  • The lead registrant has been appointed, but has not created the Joint Submission in REACH-IT.
  • There is a joint submission, but all members have claimed their substance identity confidential.
  • Your supplier is an individual registrant and no Joint Submission has been created for your substance.
  • The annual quantity of the substance manufactured or imported by the individual suppliers is below 1 tonne per year.

Link to 2008 preregistered substances: https://echa.europa.eu/information-on-chemicals/pre-registered-substances

Link to all registered substances: https://echa.europa.eu/information-on-chemicals/registered-substances

How can I be sure there is no confidential material published on the List of lead registrants

ECHA removes all confidential information before compiling the list of lead registrants. Joint Submission information are not published if the substance identity has been claimed confidential in all JS registrations dossiers. The information on the List of lead registrants mirrors the information published on ECHA’s dissemination webpage.

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