Entry 63 of Annex XVII to REACH - Lead and lead compounds

Can you give examples of lead-containing articles intended for the general public that are covered by or excluded from Entry 63 (paragraphs 7 to 10) of Annex XVII to REACH?

This document echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/17220/lead_guideline_information_en.pdf aims at providing a guideline concerning the interpretation of the scope of the restriction provisions in paragraphs 7 to 10 of entry 63 of Annex XVII to REACH Regulation (EU) No 1907/2006 on lead and its compounds in articles supplied to the general public. It has been drawn up to (i) clarify certain terms that define the scope of the restriction (e.g. "accessible part of articles", "normal/reasonably foreseeable conditions of use") (ii) provide non-exhaustive lists of article types (and examples of sub-types) which fall within (or out of ) the scope of the restriction.