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Scope of REACH

Which substances used in food or feedingstuffs are exempted from registration?

When a substance is used in food for humans or feedingstuffs for animals in accordance with the Food Safety Regulation ((EC) No 178/2002), the substance does not have to be registered.

This includes the use of the substance:

  • as a food additive in foodstuffs (Council Directive 89/107/ECC);
  • as a flavouring in foodstuffs (Council Directive 88/388/ECC and Commission Decision 1999/217/EC);
  • as an additive in feedingstuffs (Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003);
  • in animal nutrition (Council Directive 82/471/EEC).

Amounts of the same substance used for other uses than food and feedingstuffs are not exempted from registration. Only the amounts of the substance used in food and feedingstuffs are exempted from the registration obligation under REACH.

For further information, see chapter of the Guidance on registration:

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