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Substances in articles

How do I find out if the substance in my article has been registered for a use?

In most cases, if you want to find out for which uses a substance has been registered, you will have to ask other actors up your supply chain.

For this purpose, you need to describe the function of the substance in the article, the process by which the substance is included in the article and into which type of article. This description should be in line with the use descriptor system.

Safety data sheets (SDSs) can be helpful as they contain information on uses of the substance or mixture as far as they are known by the supplier. If the SDS also includes a registration number, it may be possible, depending on the accuracy of the use descriptions in the SDS, to conclude that a particular use of this substance has already been registered. However, if you have doubts, you should seek confirmation from the actual registrant up the supply chain.

Alternatively, you could identify and ask manufacturers or importers of that substance from any supply chain for the uses they have registered this substance for, or whether they have registered it for a particular use.

A good way to identify manufacturers and importers of a substance is to launch a corresponding request within the substance information exchange forum (SIEF) for this substance, provided that you have pre-registered the substance or joined the SIEF as a data holder.

For further information see the Guidance on requirements for substances in articles:

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