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Entry 20 of the Annex XVII to REACH - Organostannic compounds

What is the meaning of the expression "already in use" in the context of the entry 20 of Annex XVII to REACH?
Paragraphs 4(b), 5(b) and 6(b) of entry 20 of Annex XVII to REACH, state that articles (and mixtures in the case of article 5(b)) not complying with point (a) of the paragraph shall not be placed on the market after [a certain date] ‘except for articles that were already in use in the Union before that date'". 
The phrase ‘already in use' means in the possession of the end-user. Therefore, the derogations apply only to articles which reached end-users before the dates referred to in paragraphs 4(b), 5(b) and 6(b) of the entry. Those (second-hand) articles may continue to be traded after the dates on which the respective bans came into force. All articles still held by distributors, or in the storage facilities of importers or manufacturers on the dates when the bans came into force, should have been withdrawn from the distribution chain.

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