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R4BP 3


I receive the error message “invalid XML format or missing information” when I upload the SPC. Why?

The common reason why you receive this error message is because you have used an incompatible format. This happens when you copy/paste data from an external source into the SPC free-text fields. 
While this action does not always trigger a format error, it is safest if you copy the data into “Notepad” to clear any format/style; then copy the data from Notepad into the SPC online editor.

Another reason may be that you are working with an SPC file created using the old SPC online tool version available before October 2016. If this is your case, you can:

  • Download the SPC available in R4BP 3 and start working from this file using the current SPC online editor; or
  • Use the <SPC version convertor> available in the SPC online editor.

IMPORTANT: When working with an SPC that contains an incorrect format, make sure that you completely remove ALL content in the free-text fields before you paste the content without a format or style.

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