How to change your substance identifier

ECHA provides a service to change the chemical identifiers of your registered substance.

You can request ECHA to change the main identifiers of your registration, for example the EC number, if the substance has been incorrectly identified. After changing the chemical identifiers, your rights to manufacture and import are not affected.

You can request the change through a webform. If the change concerns and affects a joint registration, the lead registrant will need to attach a "Joint submission plan" to the webform that covers all the co-registrants' agreements on the substance identifier adaptation.

After the service request has been received, ECHA checks whether it can be processed. If the Agency considers that the service can be provided, it issues a service charge to each registrant depending on the workload anticipated.

ECHA will not verify the compliance of the registration dossiers with the substance identity information requirements under REACH as part of this service. In practice, this means that if your registrations are selected for compliance check after changing the chemical identifiers, they may be found incompliant with regard to substance identity.

The minimum charge is €300 (€600 as of 1 November 2021) for each registrant requiring the correction of a substance identifier.  The scale of the charge is defined in a decision by ECHA's Management Board. The deadline for payment of the invoice is 30 days. You will also be informed if the request cannot be processed.

Once ECHA receives the payment, it updates the identifier information in REACH-IT. The lead registrant and co-registrants are informed when the task is completed through REACH-IT and given a reasonable deadline by which an updated registration with the correct identifiers needs to be submitted.


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