Notifying substances in articles


Importers and producers of articles have to notify ECHA if substances listed on the Candidate list are present in their article(s), under certain conditions.

Deadline: Companies have to notify no later than six months after the inclusion of the substance in the Candidate list.

The information you need to submit consists of

  • the identity and contact details of your company
  • the identity of the substance and its registration number, if available
  • the tonnage range of the substance in the notified article(s)
  • a brief description of the use(s) of the substance in the article(s) and of the uses of the article(s)

You are advised to update your notification if the information previously notified has undergone changes. Examples of such changes could be: change in tonnage range, production/import of different articles, etc.

Non-confidential data on candidate list substances in articles which are available for consumer use on the EU market are published on the ECHA website.

Submitting your notification

The substance in articles notifications are submitted via REACH-IT.

Before submission, there are two possibilities to prepare your notification:

  • Preparing your notification online in REACH-IT

This method is recommended for all notification submitters, especially those who are not familiar with IUCLID.

  • Preparing and uploading a IUCLID dossier to REACH-IT

This method is recommended for notification submitters who are already users of IUCLID, as well as for those who also want to report a different substance identification, composition, or classification and labelling information. Please use this method, if you wish to claim some of the notified information as confidential, in addition to information which is always treated as confidential (see Article 118 of REACH). To prepare your IUCLID dossier, you can find a detailed description in the Manual - How to prepare a substance in articles notification.

You must have an active REACH-IT account to be able to submit your notification.

  1. Log in to REACH-IT and select “Submit a dossier” (landing page or menu)
  2. Select from the list of dossier types “Substance in articles”
  3. Select either to upload a IUCLID dossier, or to prepare your notification online in REACH-IT
  4. Submit your notification by following the wizard instructions
Once your notification has been submitted in REACH-IT, you can follow its submission status using the submissions or substances pages in REACH-IT. The update of your notification needs to be initiated from the reference number page in REACH-IT.

Legal reference

Article 7(2) (REACH Regulation)