Submitting downstream user notification of authorised uses

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If you are a downstream user that uses a substance that is on the Authorisation List (Annex XIV) based on an authorisation granted to an applicant up your supply chain, you have to notify your use to ECHA. 

When you use the substance, you have to comply with the conditions of the authorisation, which your supplier must describe in the safety data sheet.

How to find out if your use of an Annex XIV substance is authorised

The authorisation number is included in the safety data sheet provided by your supplier. It is also visible on the label of the substance or mixture. It has the form "REACH/x/x/x". If you do not find that number, please contact your supplier.

Deadline and which information to submit

You have to notify ECHA within three months of the first time the substance was delivered to you. This obligation applies after the authorisation decision has been published in the Official Journal. 

The information you need to submit consists of

  • the identity of your company, 
  • the authorisation number and 
  • contact information. 

You may also submit information about the typical annual volume and the number of staff using the substance. Furthermore, you may provide a brief additional description about your use and any involvement in potential substitution activities.

If the authorisation decision requires you to submit to ECHA specific data, e.g. on exposure, you will need to attach a file to your notification by the deadline set in the decision.

Create your notification dossier in IUCLID 

You must create a IUCLID dossier in order to notify your use to ECHA. You can create a IUCLID dossier with a IUCLID instance that has been installed on your local computer, or you can use IUCLID on ECHA Cloud Services. IUCLID 6 on our Cloud Services are free of charge and always up to date. 

Submit your notification

You must have an active REACH-IT account to be able to submit your notification. Links to REACH-IT are provided on the right-hand side of this page. 

  • Sign up in REACH-IT (you can skip this step if your company already has a REACH-IT account). 
  • Log into REACH-IT and from the Menu select “Upload a IUCLID dossier” under “Downstream user notification of authorised uses”. 
  • Follow the submission wizard.