Submit an inquiry to share data for active substance

The purpose of data sharing is to avoid unnecessary or repeat testing, in particular on vertebrate animals. An inquiry to share data is also necessary for the data sharing dispute procedure (Article 63 of the BPR).

An inquiry to share data is obligatory before performing any tests or studies involving vertebrates. You shall submit a written request to ECHA to determine whether such tests or studies have already been submitted under the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) or the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

Refer to ECHA's Biocidal Products Regulation pages and to the legislation, in particular Articles 62, 63 and 95 of the BPR, for more information.

Preparing an application

  • The necessary information will be submitted through R4BP 3. Follow the instructions in the Biocides Submission Manuals: BSM 2 'Using R4BP 3 for biocide applications' and BSM 3 ‘Active substances - Part A: Initial submissions‘ 

Submission through R4BP 3

  • Sign up for REACH-IT and enter your company information manually. Refer to BSM 2 ‘Using R4BP 3 for biocide applications' and BSM 3 ‘Active substances - Part A: Initial submissions‘ for instructions. 
  • Log into R4BP 3 with your User ID and password defined in REACH-IT. Under the ‘NEW APPLICATION' tab, select 'Inquire to share data (for active substance)'. The submission wizard will guide you through the submission process. 

Follow up in R4BP 3

Check your messages and tasks in R4BP 3 regularly. You will find various types of messages under the ‘MESSAGES' tab in R4BP 3.

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