Progress in evaluation in 2022

Evaluation progress 2022

ECHA reports on the progress made in 2022 in dossier and substance evaluation in line with Article 54 of REACH. 

Progress in substance evaluation 2022 - 1

During 2022, progress was made on 71 substances.

The evaluating Member States assessed 8 new substances. Of these, the authorities considered that 5 required further information to clarify concerns, i.e. a draft decision requesting further information was sent to the registrants, whereas 3 had sufficient information to clarify the concerns, i.e. a draft conclusion was submitted by the authorities.

ECHA adopted 9 substance evaluation decisions, with 12 requests for further information to assess the safety of substances of potential concern.

The evaluating Member States completed their follow-up evaluations for 23 substances. For 4 substances, the evaluating Member State competent authority requested more information as the submitted information did not clarify the original concerns, or raised further concerns. For the remaining 19 substances, authorities found the available information to be sufficient to clarify the concerns and were able to conclude on whether there was a need for further regulatory action.

Substance evaluation was completed for 31 substances, i.e. conclusion documents from the evaluating Member States were published on our website. Of these 31 concluded cases, the authorities recommended further risk management measures for 18 substances, whereas 13 already had the necessary measures in place (or did not need any).  

Progress in substance evaluation 2022 - graph 4