Progress in evaluation in 2018

Under Article 54 of REACH, ECHA is reporting on the progress made in 2018 in dossier and substance evaluation. 

Progress was made on 114 substances. Evaluation was completed for 22 substances resulting in 16 draft decisions and 6 conclusions. Another 11 draft decisions were sent as a result of follow-up evaluation and 15 substance evaluations, from previous evaluation years, were concluded. Of the 21 substance evaluation conclusions published in 2018, 6 concluded that the risks are sufficiently controlled with existing measures, and 15 concluded that further risk management measures are necessary.

Substance evaluation outcomes in 2018 Conclusions documents publishedFinal decisions sent to registrantsCompleted follow-up evaluationsDraft decisions issuedEvaluation completed 21 21 23 27 22 substance evaluations progressed 114

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