Sari la continut
Sari la continut
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New web pages to prepare companies for UK’s withdrawal from EU
The UK’s withdrawal from the EU will affect companies including those that manufacture or use chemicals in the UK as well as in the EU-27. ECHA’s updated web section aims to help affected companies who have registered substances or use authorised chemicals in supply chains.
Keep your registration up to date
Registering your chemicals under REACH is not a one-off exercise: you will learn new things about your substance, and your own situation may change. This has to be reflected in your registration. Therefore, you need to regularly review your dossier and update it when new information becomes available.
Update: Member States to evaluate 100 substances in 2019-2021
Four substances were added to the draft Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) so the plan now includes 100 substances for evaluation for 2019-2021.


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