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Sari la continut
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Evaluation activities sped up by assessing chemicals in groups
In 2020, ECHA checked 1 900 chemicals to identify a need for further assessment. Registrations for 258 chemicals were also checked for compliance with the REACH requirements. Better quality safety data from companies is still needed to clarify the long-term effects of chemicals.
Restricting hazardous chemicals protects millions of Europeans from serious diseases
EU-wide restrictions protect the health of citizens by reducing risks of serious illness such as cancers, sexual development disorders, asthma and skin allergies. They also prevent 100 000 tonnes of chemicals from polluting the environment every year.
Roadmap to address substances of very high concern complete

As part of the SVHC 2020 Roadmap launched by the Council of the EU in 2013, all relevant, currently known substances of very high concern have been identified and included on the Candidate List. Systematic screening of registered substances has been key in identifying new chemicals of concern.


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