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Work programmes

Prior to the Programming document 2018-2020, ECHA planned its activities through the following documents:

  • multi-annual work programmes, which were revised on a rolling, annual basis with one year added and one dropped for each consecutive planning period;
  • annual work programmes, which outlined ECHA's objectives for a given year.

Multi-annual work programmes

Annual work programmes


Annual reports


General reports

Prior to the Annual Report 2019, ECHA’s annual reporting was covered by two separate documents:

  • The General Report highlights retrospectively each year the Agency's achievements of the reporting year and brings forward how the Agency meets the objectives set in the planning phase;
  • ECHA’s Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR) contains additional information on assurance and compliance to internal control standards and covers the explicit requirements under the Financial Regulation. The CAAR forms the basis for the annual discharge. The annual CAAR reports can be found in the Management Board documents in March each year.

General reports

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