Research and development

Any tests and experiments carried out for research and development purposes using unauthorised biocidal products and their (not approved) active substances must be recorded and may require notifications if a release in the environment is possible.


The person responsible for the test or experiment needs to draw up and maintain written records containing the following information:

  1. Identity of the product or the active substance.
  2. Information on labelling.
  3. Quantities supplied.
  4. Contact information of those persons who received the active substance or the product.
  5. A dossier containing all available data on possible effects on human or animal health or impact on the environment.

This information must be delivered to the competent authority if requested.


A notification is required if the biocidal product containing an active substance may be released into the environment as a result of the test or experiment. The notification needs to be delivered to the concerned competent authority before the test or experiment involving the active substance/product starts. The notification must include all information listed above (except point 4) as well as any other relevant information that the competent authority requests.

The notified test or experiment can be started if no opinion has been received from the competent authority within 45 days of the notification.

If the proposed test or experiment is likely to have a harmful effect on human or animal health, or an unacceptable adverse influence on the environment, the competent authority can prohibit it. The competent authority can also decide to allow the test with certain conditions that are necessary to prevent negative consequences, for example by limiting the quantity of the products or active substances in the test or experiment or limiting and protecting the areas to be treated. The competent authority must inform the authorities in other countries and the European Commission of such decisions.

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