Registry of restriction intentions until outcome

Registry of restriction intentions until outcome

The registry of restriction intentions until outcome lists the intentions and Annex XV restriction proposals received by ECHA.

A restriction proposal may be prepared by a Member State or by ECHA at the request of the Commission or on its own initiative for substances in the Authorisation List. It is a legal requirement for a Member State to notify ECHA of its intention to prepare a restriction dossier. The advance notice enables interested parties to plan and prepare for commenting later on.

Interested parties can follow the progress of a proposal through the restriction process, from the notification of the intention to the adoption of the final opinions by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) and the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC), and the adoption of the restriction by the European Commission.

Stakeholders are encouraged to submit any relevant information to the dossier submitters during the preparation of the restriction proposal and during the consultations. Information to motivate any exemptions to the scope described in the intention is particularly useful to receive in the preparatory phase of the dossier.


The distillate of coal tar produced by the high temperature carbonization of bituminous coal. It consists primarily of aromatic hydrocarbons, tar acids and tar bases. EC / List no: 232-287-5 CAS no: 8001-58-9
CLP Annex VI Index number
Further substance information
Please consider all substances currently in entry 31 of annex XVII :
Creosote; wash-oil CAS 8001-58-9 EC 232-287-5
Creosote oil; wash oil CAS 61789-28-4 EC 263-047-8
Distillates (coal tar), naphtalene oils; naphthalene oil CAS 84650-04-4 EC 283-484-8
Creosote oil, acenaphtene fraction; wash oil CAS 90640-84-9 EC 292-605-3
Distillates (coal tar), upper; heavy anthracene oil CAS 65996-91-0 EC 266-026-1
Anthracene oil CAS 90640-80-5 EC 292-602-7
Tar acids, coal, crude; crude phenols CAS 65996-85-2 EC 266-019-3
Creosote, wood CAS 8021-39-4 EC 232-419-1
Low temperature tar oil, alkaline; extract residues (coal), low temperature coal tar alkaline CAS 122384-78-5 EC 310-191-5
Details on the scope of restriction
Restricting the placing on the market and reuse of treated articles containing creosote.
Reason for restriction
The restriction is proposed according to Article 129 of REACH regulation.
Stakeholders are requested to provide relevant information to the Dossier Submitter. If justified based on robust risk and socio-economic information the Dossier Submitter may propose derogations from the proposed restriction. If a derogation is not proposed by the Dossier Submitter then it will be incumbent on the relevant stakeholders to do so during any consultation process with a full risk and socio-economic justification accompanying it.
Date of intention
Expected date of submission
Withdrawal date
Reason for withdrawal
Start of Call for Evidence consultation
Deadline for comments on the Call for Evidence
Start of second Call for Evidence consultation
Deadline for comments on the second Call for Evidence
Start of third Call for Evidence consultation
Deadline for comments on the third Call for Evidence
Restriction report (and annexes)
Information note on restriction report
Start of Annex XV report consultation
1st deadline for comments on Annex XV report
Final deadline for comments on Annex XV report
Comments on Annex XV report
Opinion of RAC (and minority positions)
Draft opinion of SEAC
RAC & SEAC (draft) Background document (and annexes)
Start of SEAC draft opinion consultation
Deadline for comments on SEAC draft opinion
Comments on SEAC draft opinion
Compiled RAC and SEAC opinion (and minority positions)
Final background document (and annexes)
Adopted restriction/Commission communication
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